Hi! I’m Mel.

I’m a theatre artist, musician, writer, storyteller, teacher, marketing professional, and general practitioner of doing my very best to live an authentic life while hoping to inspire others to do the same.

I got my MA in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon and ran a theatre company in Denver for four years. I worked in marketing and communications for non-profits and study abroad programs in Portland, Irvine and London for many years while I was raising my kid. Now as I enter middle-age, I am ready to go out and explore what I love - travel, performing and teaching!


Most of my work is around exploring sexuality and relationships. I am a bi-sexual, cis-gendered woman and I currently identify as solo-polyamorous. That said, my sexual relationships have been all over the map! From monogamy to relationship anarchy, I’ve been there…

I’m looking forward to what this next stage of my life brings. This has been an interesting ride so far and I’m sure I have no idea what’ll happen next! My guess is, it’ll be fun, terrifying, surprising, lovely and more.

I hope you’re a part of it!