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Melanie Moseley
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on the roaD with Sexology!

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From Portland, OR to Portland, ME - spreading the gospel of sex-positivity!

I talk with Sumati Sparks about Sexology: The Musical! and solo-polyamory.


Kitty Chambliss interviews me about my journey from monogamy to solo-polyamory on her podcast Loving Without Boundaries!



Sexology: The Musical at the Elgin Fringe Festival, September 6-15

(Side Street Studio Arts, 15 1/2 Ziegler Ct. Elgin, IL 60120)

  • Fri, Sept 13 at 7:30pm

  • Sat, Sept 14 at 6pm

  • Sun, Sept 15 at 3pm


RISK/The Mystery Box Show at the Revolution Hall, September 20, 9pm-11pm

(1300 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97214)

I’ll be telling a true story that you haven’t heard from me yet when RISK! teams up with The Mystery Box Show for a combined live storytelling show in Portland! Join hosts Kevin Allison of RISK! and Reba Sparrow and Eric Scheur of The Mystery Box Show and guests for a night of hilarious, jaw-dropping, and gut wrenching stories!

Sexology: The Musical at the Treehouse, September 29, 1pm-5pm

(180 SW 85th Ave, Portland, OR 97225)

I am so excited to be headed back to my home base! We’ll be doing a potluck brunch and then I’ll perform Sexology: The Musical! around 3. Bring something to share (no meat and no hard alcohol) and come enjoy the Treehouse and the Sex Positive Portland Community.

  • $10 TIX at the door

Check out my review in the Boulder Fringe Festival Newsletter!


By Haley Nelson at Theater Jones


2019 winner “Best in Show”

Winner of the “2019 Patron’s Choice Award.”

Winner of the “2019 Patron’s Choice Award.”

I fuck up around tech for Boulder - and my kid rocks his badass emotionally intelligent self!

We talk about our reaction to our visit to Utah so far.

It's our first day on the road spreading the gospel of sex positivity and Diane the Van blows a tire.