Thinking About Changes Over Time



Me & Martin 1 (Michael) & Jean Pierre



Me & Martin 2 (Michael) in Eastern Europe

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portland, ME

Brian French on the road to Portland Pride Parade.

June seems to be a pretty seminal month for me lately. Life changing. A graduation when I think about it.

Two years ago I was in France visiting family friends and old haunts from my childhood with my partner at the time (Martin 1 in my show). We broke up that summer.

A year ago, after touring Eastern Europe and driving through Montenegro, Kosovo, and Bosnia with a partner of mine at the time (Martin 2 in my show), I was nursing him back to health during a bout of meningitis brought on by something he ate while we were traveling. We broke up that summer.

This year I am on my own in Portland, ME with no partners. No break-up is likely on the horizon.

To be honest, I did have my partner Charity with me on the first leg of the trip to Dallas - and I did have my friends Chad and Jess on that first leg as well. That said, since they headed back home to Portland, OR a week ago, I’ve been on my own in Portland, ME.

Here I am doing my show in a city where I know no one, in a hostel that provides opportunity for me to connect with folks. And I have met some amazing humans - most of them bonobos.

  • First of all Heather. She imagined this hostel (Black Elephant Hostel) after traveling the world and staying in hostels. She made it happen with her husband James (a crazy idea guy - I won’t share his ideas, cuz I want him to make them happen - also, note to James: hire me sometime!) and her kids (Sadie is an incredible artist and a beautiful human). Heather is a bad ass rock star. She has blue hair, wears funky clothes, laughs freely, and has her broken side too. Like me (without the blue hair). This is clearly a woman I need to know and have in my life. And look at that, we met! From Portland to Portland! She’s following her essential path.

  • Emily. She designed websites for years and then decided she was tired of sitting at a computer, so she took a class in stone masonry and has decided to be a stone mason. (Her grandmother’s last name is Mason and she believes this must be in her blood). She’s following her essential path.

  • Wes. Yoga saved his life. He started an Ashram on his family farm and they have a retreat this August. He drove his motorcycle here with his buddy Sean and they landed because the weather was so bad and they were looking for a place to stay. Luckily there was room. He’s following his essential path - maybe Sean is too…

  • Katie. She’s a Moose Manager in Saskatchewan. She came to Portland, ME after a national Moose Conference about two hours away from town. Yup, that’s a job. I had no idea that was a job. But, it’s a job. Also, she’s poly. WTF! She’s following her essential path.

  • Brian French. He’s homeless. I met him when I was walking to the Pride Parade. He saw me and said I was open-hearted and he wanted to sing a song with me. So we sang a song he wrote - I just backed him up when I could. I sent the video to his kid. He gave me a hug - I was low on oxytocin and that was exactly what I needed. I think he’s working on finding his essential path. I am fan of him finding it.

  • Mindy. She’s from NYC and is doing her show at PortFringe as well - Iron in Your Future. We’re staying in the same room (the “Hey Ladies” room) in the hostel. Her journey is getting back to her physical health and sharing that story. She’s following her essential path.

  • Matt. He was traveling from Indiana. I met him late at night. He was drunk and not happy. A bit broken by a last relationship. An amazing guitar player, We played songs and sang together. Our paths crossed several times and he continued in his Eeyore phase. I think he’s looking for an essential path.

And so many more people - I could keep going, but I need to get in the shower so I can go on the mail-boat cruise and visit some of the nearby islands. Life is good.

And as Charity and I always say: Who gets this? WE DO!!!

Melanie Moseley